Local Area Organizations Receive Donations

Ulysses, Kan.—Southern Pioneer Electric Helping Us Give to Society (HUGS) representatives presented several checks to local area organizations Tuesday, including the Sublette Elementary School, Seward County Extension and the Liberal Quilts of Valor chapter.

Starting with a morning trip to Sublette, the Sublette Elementary School was presented with a donation of $2,500 from Southern Pioneer Electric. The donation is to go towards the building of a new playground structure for the school.

In a pleasant surprise to the school, Southern Pioneer Electric’s donation of $2,500 was matched by CoBank as part of their Sharing Success program. CoBank is Southern Pioneer Electric’s financial service provider.

HUGS board member Dee Longoria said, “I really enjoyed surprising the Sublette community with the matching CoBank funds. To think that instead of $2,500, they get $5,000, that is just amazing and such a wonderful gift.”

The surprises didn’t stop there, with HUGS representatives heading down to Liberal for two more presentations. In June, Southern Pioneer Electric donated to the Seward County Extension and the local Quilts of Valor chapter and would be visiting with the two again on Tuesday.

In June, the Extension Office was given a donation to help with a new building that would allow the organization to hold various projects in a centralized location. The CoBank Sharing Success funds would also go towards Extension projects for the new building.

Extension Agent Kylee Harrison said at the time, “this will be really nice having a central location so the kids always know where it will be . . . Any donations we receive are amazing and that’s really what we function off of.”

As for the Quilts of Valor Chapter, who makes quilts for veterans, the June donation went entirely towards materials for the quilts. The work is all done by volunteer quilters from the area. Previously, Peggy Luck, the local Quilts of Valor administrator, had said that the organization had over 100 requests for quilts in 2017 and the $1,000 donation would go a long way towards that goal.

With the CoBank matching funds on Tuesday, Luck said the organization would be well on their way to fulfilling their remaining requests, eliciting a cheer from the gathered group of veterans and their family members who were assembled for a quilt presentation.

Southern Pioneer Electric Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pioneer Electric Cooperative, is headquartered out of Ulysses, Kansas. Southern Pioneer Electric Company has local offices in Liberal and Medicine Lodge, Kansas. Southern Pioneer Electric Company serves approximately 17,200 customers and operates in 10 counties and 34 communities. Southern Pioneer Electric Company’s service territory stretches east from Liberal to Medicine Lodge and north to Kingman and back west to Greensburg, Kansas. Southern Pioneer Electric Company is dedicated to providing customers with safe and reliable electric service. For more information about the H.U.G.S. program, please contact Vice President of Energy Services, Anita Wendt. (Phone: 620.424.5271 and E-mail: awendt@pioneerelectric.coop)