H.U.G.S. Presentation: Satanta Chamber Building

On Jan. 8, Southern Pioneer Electric Helping Us Give to Society (HUGS) representatives presented the Satanta Chamber of Commerce with a donation at the chamber’s monthly meeting in Satanta, Kansas.

The $6,000 donation was presented to the chamber to be used for the renovation of the Satanta Community Building, which was also where the presentation was held. Built in 1943, the building serves as a community hub and has seen a large amount of use over the years.

The Satanta Chamber said, “The Chamber is happy to partner with Southern Pioneer Electric on this project. The community building needs some updates in order to be viable for future generations; thank you for helping us with these updates and we appreciate the donation.”

Southern Pioneer Electric knows the importance of community and always strives to support its local area communities as they endeavor to build and improve community bonds. This was one of the reasons this project stood out so much to HUGS committee members said Southern Pioneer Electric’s Dee Longoria.

“The building serves as the main facility for Satanta and they use it for all of their local events, so it’s important that the building matches the community’s spirit and reflects their effort,” said Longoria.

Originally built as a grain storage facility, the building was repurposed as the City Hall and Satanta Police Department building until 2003, when it became the community building. Truly a hub for the community, the building is booked every week of the year for various events.

The Chamber’s goal is to bring the building up to code and follow compliance and safety concerns. The Chamber will install handrails outside the building and on the sidewalk along with new security lighting on the sidewalk and parking area. The HUGS donation will specifically go towards the cost of hiring a contractor to add insulation to the building, as well as refurbish the floor and ceiling.

Southern Pioneer Electric Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pioneer Electric Cooperative, is headquartered out of Ulysses, Kansas. Southern Pioneer Electric Company has local offices in Liberal and Medicine Lodge, Kansas. Southern Pioneer Electric Company serves approximately 17,200 customers and operates in 10 counties and 34 communities. Southern Pioneer Electric Company’s service territory stretches east from Liberal to Medicine Lodge and north to Kingman and back west to Greensburg, Kansas. Southern Pioneer Electric Company is dedicated to providing customers with safe and reliable electric service. For more information about the HUGS program, please contact Vice President of Energy Services, Anita Wendt. (Phone: 620.424.5271 and E-mail: awendt@pioneerelectric.coop)