Southern Pioneer H.U.G.S. Grant to Fund New Stop Signs

Sublette., Kansas – Members of Southern Pioneer Electric’s H.U.G.S. team awarded the City of Sublette with $2,000 in grant funds on Nov. 11. The grant was matched by Southern Pioneer’s financial partner, CoBank, through its Sharing Success program that matches the charitable contributions of its customers. Together, the contributions will help purchase two new illuminated stops signs, replacing the flashing stoplight located at the US Highway 56 and Inman Street intersection in Sublette.

“The current stoplight that runs across the intersection can be difficult to see,” said City of Sublette Superintendent, Daylen Elsey. “The stoplight also has to be temporarily removed when large or tall loads pass through Highway 56.”

Elsey says the stop signs will draw more attention for drivers, increasing safety for schools and businesses located near the intersection.

“Southern Pioneer Electric’s H.U.G.s program assists projects emphasizing community improvement,” said Anita Wendt, vice president of energy services at Southern Pioneer. “This project not only improves the community, but it also makes it safer. We’re proud to be able to assist the city of Sublette with purchasing these stop signs.”

Liberal Rec to Purchase New Basketball Machine with H.U.G.S. and CoBank Grants

Liberal, Kansas – Southern Pioneer’s H.U.G.S. (Helping Us Give to Society) team presented Liberal Recreation with a $2,900 grant on Nov. 11. The grants will fund the purchase of a new Shoot-A-Way basketball machine. The department also received a $3,000 grant from CoBank’s Sharing Success Program that matches the charitable contributions of its customers.

Matt Quint, the recreation center’s director, said the basketball machine engages athletes in numerous ways.

“The Shoot-A-Way basketball machine can rebound the ball for players, keep track of misses and makes and even teach you to shoot with the perfect arch,” said Quint. “There is also a leaderboard element to the machine that can turn making shots into a competition.”

The Liberal Recreation Department offers open gym time every day to anyone in the community free of charge. The Shoot-A-Way basketball machine will be available to anyone who utilizes the facility.

Southern Pioneer funds its H.U.G.S. team through recycled materials. Pieces of steel, aluminum, or copper taken out of service are recycled and turned into funds for community-focused projects. As funds become available, Southern Pioneer Electric seeks our projects to fund within its service territory. More information regarding the program can be found on Southern Pioneer’s website

CoBank and Southern Pioneer H.U.G.S. Grants Aid Library Expansion Project

Medicine Lodge, KS – Representatives from Southern Pioneer Electric met at the Lincoln Library on Nov. 4, 2021 to present a $1,500 grant through Southern Pioneer’s Helping Us Give to Society (H.U.G.S.) program. Funds from the grants will assist the Library in purchasing office furniture for its recently remodeled technology center. The library also received an additional $1,500 in matching funds through CoBank’s Sharing Success program.

Currently housed in the existing library, the technology center offers visitors computers and internet access for printing, tutoring, video conferencing, applying for jobs and more.

“The technology center is truly a benefit to all of our patrons,” said Doris Sorg, Lincoln Library’s director. “The addition of new seating will ensure that anyone using the Library’s computers will be able to work comfortably.”

Funds from the H.U.G.S. grant will also help the library purchase a rocking chair for its multi-purpose room and storage room shelving, giving employees access to supplies during the programs hosted by the library.

“The success of the Lincoln Library’s expansion project is already visible,” said Anita Wendt, vice president of Energy Services for Southern Pioneer. “The money from Co-Bank’s Sharing Success grant and H.U.G.S. will aid them in their quest to provide an essential service to the community. We are excited to see how they grow their services once equipped with quality seating for visitors.”