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Notice of proposed rate redesign and public hearing

After reviewing the current rate schedules for service to residential, commercial, and industrial customers, Southern Pioneer Electric Company (Southern Pioneer) has filed an application with the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC), requesting approval of certain changes to its rate schedules. As part of the review of these proposals, a public hearing shall be held on March 19.

Renewable self-generation and Southern Pioneer

Interested in renewable self-generation? We are here to help!

KCC Complaint Procedure

It is the practice of your electric company to work closely with its consumers in resolving any disputes or complaints regarding electric service. Your local electric company is required to follow specific rules and regulations on file and administered by the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC).

Cold Weather Rule

Southern Pioneer Electric Company is a Kansas Corporation Commission regulated electric utility. Because of this, Southern Pioneer agrees to participate in the special disconnect procedures for residential customers during the time period November 1 thru March 31. The guidelines set out  have been established to protect not only you the electric customer but the electric utility.