Consumer Advisory Council

Southern Pioneer’s Consumer Advisory Council is representative of all customer classes, including urban and rural representation. The Council provides input regarding issues impacting ratepayers and represents the consumers in terms of the consumer and community needs and preferences. The Council also acts as advocates, providing consumer perspective during quarterly meetings on energy related issues, quality of service, upcoming events and future services.

The Council consists of at least one, but no more than two, representatives from each of the following main Customer Rate Classes in the eastern (Barber, Comanche, Kingman, Kiowa and Pratt) and western (Clark, Haskell, Meade and Seward) Service Districts of Southern Pioneer:

  • Residential (2)
  • General Service – Small and Large (2)
  • Industrial (2)
  • Government (City and or County) (2)
  • Agriculture (1)

The Council supports and promote Southern Pioneer’s Mission Statement, internal and external core values as well as represents Southern Pioneer Electric Company to the community to gain public visibility of Southern Pioneer and to become community advocates in national, state and local electricity issues.

Southern Pioneer Electric Advisory Council Members

Jery Bailey –

Penny Bruckner –

Charlie Swayze –

Tom Walters –

Joe Rausch –

Steve Merz –

Lawrence Hoerman –