Cold Weather Rule Notice for Residential Consumers

Southern Pioneer Electric Company is a Kansas Corporation Commission regulated
electric utility. Because of this, Southern Pioneer agrees to participate in the special
disconnect procedures for residential customers during the time period November 1 thru March
31. The guidelines set out below have been established to protect not only you the electric
customer but the electric utility.

No residential electric service disconnections will be made when the National Weather
Service forecasts that the temperature will drop below 35 degrees or will be in the mid-30’s or
colder within the following 48-hour time period. In order to avoid disconnection when the
temperature is 35 degrees or above, or to reconnect service regardless of the temperature, the
residential customer must comply with these provisions:

  1. Inform Southern Pioneer of the inability to pay the bill in full;
  2. Provide sufficient information to allow Southern Pioneer to create a payment agreement;
  3. Make an initial payment of the arrearage plus the bill for the most recent month’s billing
    period for which service was provided, divided by twelve (12), plus the full amount of any
    disconnect or reconnect fees, plus any applicable deposit, and enter into a payment plan for
    the rest of the arrearage. (The customer may enter into a pay agreement less than twelve (12)
  4. Apply for federal, state, local, or other assistance funds for which the customer is
    eligible; and
  5. In the event the customer fails to meet his/her payment plan, the customer must cure
    the default to remain in the payment plan. Contact Southern Pioneer’s billing departments for
    details at 620-886-5100 (Medicine Lodge), 620-624-7433 (Liberal) or toll free 800-670-4381 as
    soon as possible.

Southern Pioneer shall:

  1. Inform the residential customer of agencies having funds available to assist with
    payment of utility bills;
  2. Make telephone or personal contact with customer 24 hours prior to termination of
    service, or leave a written message on the door if these notification attempts are unsuccessful;
  3. Provide the customer with the telephone number of the Consumer Protection Office of
    the Kansas Corporation Commission;
  4. Inform the customer of the third-party notification plan and any payment arrangements
    the customer may qualify for.

For additional assistance involving the Cold Weather Rule, you may contact;

  1. Southern Pioneer’s billing departments at 620-886-5100 (Medicine Lodge), 620-624-
    7433 (Liberal) or toll free 800-670-4381 during normal business hours 8 a.m.-5 p.m., M-F
    (except holidays).
  2. The Kansas Corporation Commission’s Consumer Protection Office at 800-662-0027.