Southern Pioneer Electric Presents Crossroads Center, Inc. with $2,500 H.U.G.S. Grant

The Southern Pioneer Electric Helping Us Give to Society (H.U.G.S.) team presented Crossroads Center, Inc. in Liberal with a $2,500 grant on February 6. Funds from the grant will be put toward the center’s goal of purchasing a new tractor for its facility.

“Purchasing a new tractor will assist with maintenance of the grounds and care of the facilities, allowing us to decrease the time spent on the labor involved in running the center,” said Rena Cross, executive director for Crossroads Center, Inc. “We will be able to offer better care for our therapy horses and the grounds when classes are not in session.”

“Crossroads Center offers a wonderful service to Liberal and the surrounding areas,” said Ruby Terrazas, energy services coordinator for Southern Pioneer Electric. “The H.U.G.S. team is honored to be able to assist with their mission by providing this grant.”