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  • 5 reasons you should apply for Youth Tour

    There are a million reasons why you should apply to Youth Tour, but to save you the trouble we’ve narrowed it down to our top 5. Remember, all that’s separating you from Washington D.C or Steamboat Springs, Colorado is five minutes and one paragraph. Check out the story for more details!

  • Gifts That Really Count

    For years, Southern Pioneer Electric Company has hosted a Christmas dinner to thank local leaders in Liberal, Kan., for their support.

  • A New Safety Awareness Opportunity

    “The problem with electricity is that you can’t see it, you can’t smell it, and you can’t touch it, so we sometimes forget that it’s even there,” said Southern Pioneer Electric’s Safety and Compliance Specialist, Mike Salsbury.

Investing in our Youth

youth tour

Our employees live, work and raise families in the same communities as our consumers; we have a vested interest in developing our communities to be strong and viable for years to come. Pouring into the youth of our community is something Southern Pioneer Electric takes pride in doing.

Each year, our company gives away scholarships to high school seniors and we send four students (sophomores/juniors) on all-expense paid trips.