Southern Pioneer Liberal Office Closed

Southern Pioneer Electric’s Liberal office will close for the remainder of the day, Friday, March 27, 2020 due to a water leak at our facility. The office will reopen Monday morning for customers to make payments at one of the drive-up windows. Customers may make payments over the weekend via one of the out-of-office methods available. Southern Pioneer offers online payment options at, via SmartHub and mobile bill pay through the SmartHub App. Customers can choose to make payments over the phone by calling 866-999-4505 and paying with a valid debit or credit card as well. Southern Pioneer Electric also accepts payments via MoneyGram. MoneyGram locations can be found at Dillon’s or Walmart. Customers will need to know their account number and the Southern Pioneer Electric receive code (16372).

Customers with questions may reach out to the customer service line at 800-670-4381.

Southern Pioneer Electric to Temporarily Suspend Disconnections for Non-Payment.

Southern Pioneer Electric announces that it will temporarily suspend disconnections until May 1, 2020, for non-payment as communities take mitigation steps for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The procedure has been set for immediate implementation and will affect all Southern Pioneer Electric consumers.

“With the challenges that some may be facing, we wanted to ensure that electrical service is available to our consumers,” said Randy Magnison, executive vice president- assistant CEO. “We stand committed in the goal of being customer-focused; together, we will move forward and do our part to mitigate risk to employees and consumers.”

Customers should note that the moratorium will not relieve the responsibilities for them to pay their bills and will not cancel any current or outstanding bills or current pay agreement. The purpose of this action is to provide customers the ability to continue their service while allowing the opportunity to make payment arrangements or partial bill payments, if the balance owed cannot be paid in full. Customers, who utilize automated payments (auto-pay) will continue to have funds applied towards their bills.

“Customer service representatives will be able to assist those needing to setup or make payment arrangements, and will be available to answer any questions” said Magnison. “Contact information, recommend payment options and more will be shared with consumers on Southern Pioneers’ website and on social media. We want to be sure that we provide the tools in which our customers may need to make the best decisions and plan accordingly for their situations. Our hope is to work through this situation and get through it together.”

Questions regarding the suspension may be directed back to Southern Pioneer Electric by calling 1-800-670-4381. Southern Pioneer Electric will continue to post and provide information to consumers through its Facebook pages and website (

Southern Pioneer Electric To Temporarily Close Offices to Non-Employees

Southern Pioneer Electric Staff and board announce the temporary closure of its Liberal and Medicine Lodge offices to non-employees, until further notice. Consumers will be asked to conduct business over the phone (800-670-4381) or use the drive-up windows. Under the closure, Southern Pioneer Electric will no longer accept walk-up payments and will be adjusting office hours.

“The safety of our consumers and employees is at the forefront of our concern,” said Anita Wendt, vice president of energy services. “We know that the decision will serve as an inconvenience for many, but we feel that this will ensure that our staff is able to best serve consumers.”

Customer service representatives will be available to assist with calls and payments from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. During this time, consumers will be encouraged to use one of the out-of-office payment methods outlined on Southern Pioneer’s website (

“Consumers will have the option to make payments by phone, online, through SmartHub, traditional mail or more,” said Wendt. “The goal is to provide consumers with the flexibility to find a payment method that fits their needs. Consumers seeking assistance may call into either of our offices.”

Implementation of the closure is set to begin on March 18 and will continue until further notice. Southern Pioneer will continue to make announcements to consumers regarding the situation on Facebook and its website.